Have you run into a brick wall when it comes to growing your Facebook fan base? This week as I completed a purchase at Hayneedle, I encountered a great way to for e-commerce merchants to use the checkout process to get more Facebook fans.

Right after completing my order that I was really excited about because I got a fantastic price, this little pop-up appeared:

Yes, I had enjoyed shopping with them! How did they know?

Presenting a shopper with the option to “Like” your brand immediate after a purchase is a great idea. Try adding an incentive by offering a discount on their next purchase for “liking” your store to really encourage them.

Another nice surprise I had was related to shipping. They have a shipping method populator with delivery estimate and my estimated delivery date was Wednesday the 15th. Yesterday I got the shipping confirmation with the tracking number and the delivery date is now scheduled for Saturday the 11th! Am I happy? Yes! I’m such a satisfied customer that I’m sharing the story with you and I haven’t even received the order yet – the only thing better than your order being delivered on the scheduled date is getting your order before the scheduled date.

I know that the big companies may have more resources and the smaller stores, but that doesn’t mean than you can’t take some cues from them to stay competitive.

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