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Don't let your shipping requirements control you.

With Advanced Shipping Manager you can finally make your shipping rules work for you! With the Advanced Shipping Manager app you will be able to create shipping methods that work for your store, whether you need live courier calculated rates, origin zip codes for your dropshipped items,  dimensions, free shipping or any of our other features, we got you covered! Check out some of our key features below:

Origin Zip Codes for Dropshippers

Designate the zip code from which the item ships from and create shipping rules for each zip code. This feature allows you to calculate shipping accurately no matter how many locations your products are stocked from.     

Courier calculated rates

Offer real-time rates from the most popular couriers. Choose to use either your negotiated, discounted rate or the published rates to give your customers the most up-to-date shipping rates available.

Conditional free shipping

Offer free shipping for any individual item(s) in your E-Commerce Store. You can also specify which shipping method is to be used for the free shipping, this will prevent customers from selecting an invalid shipping method for their order.

Advanced Shipping Manager is Jam packed with features!

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At Advanced Shipping Manager we are committed to providing you with premium support, we are here to help you succeed! Upon signing up you will be assigned an account manager that will be your go to for all of your shipping needs. We are here to help you out with any issues you have whether it's via live chat, email or phone support.


Check out what our customers have to say about us:


Greenlight Surf Supply

"Powerful app and great customer service. We ship everything from digital media to containers full of product and this app is the only one we've found capable of handling the online quotes for a huge array of shipping options. "

Nupafeed USA

"Using multiple carriers can cause a lot of hiccups but Advanced Shipping Manager is the most user friendly shipping app I have found. The tech support is amazing...they answer the phone, respond to emails, and will happily help you with any configuration that you are struggling with. Shipping costs are so important to eCommerce, it can make or break a sale so having an app with good support is a MUST! Thank you so much for all of your help!!"

Twelve South

"Advanced Shipping Manager is the only app I would recommend of its kind. I have worked with them on more than 1 store and they have exceeded expectations every time. No matter what shipping challenge you may have, they will find a way to make it work for you. Looking forward to using more of their features in the future. Thanks guys!"

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