Are you one of the lovers or haters of Facebook Timeline?

Personally, I think it is an improvement. I was never crazy about the landing pages that businesses would create in order to get you to “like” them, and with the Timeline feature, that is gone.

But, that isn’t the only reason I think it is superior.

>The Cover Photo is more striking and gives you a great opportunity to make an impact on visitors and fans.

>The ability to Pin posts to the top of the Timeline is extremely helpful for marketers. Any important announcement or event can be pinned to the top where it is one of the first things visitors will see and it will stay there until you unpin it.

>Similar to pinning, you have the option of Highlighting posts too. Visitors can choose how they want to browse through your content by selecting different viewing options, one of which is to view the highlighted content first.

>The new timeline feature also allows you to set Milestones, which businesses can use to share company history and build a connection with your fans.

Like it or not, the change to Facebook business pages is an opportunity to expand and develop a deeper connection with your fan base. What you do with it is up to you.

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