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“Our shopping cart offered us limited options to customize our shipping rules and it was affecting our bottom line. For example, we offer quite a few dropship products and were unable to calculate a separate shipping cost for these dropship items. The “Ship Alone” feature allowed us to identify these products as shipping separate from other goods and charge for shipping accordingly. Another important feature for us is that the Advanced Shipping Manager allows us to exclude certain items from Express shipping, as not all of our items qualify for this level of service. The Advanced Shipping Manager and its team has been a very important part of our business. Both have been reliable and effective. A great partner for us and our ever changing online store.”
– Ryan Gormady, Chowdaheadz

“We like the Advanced Shipping Manager, as it is easy to manage. We ship 900 different products with weight of 1/2 lbs to 200 lbs, and dimensions from a cigarette box size to oversize boxes. Before we implemented this program, Yahoo!’s built-in shipping function couldn’t give us the accurate shipping rate due to the fact it couldn’t calculate dimensional weight, and returned a shipping rate of zero if total weight in shopping cart was over 150 lbs. With the Advanced Shipping Manager, we can easily create shipping surcharge, apply free shipping on promotional items and increase the conversion rates. If you want to give away free shipping and not taking the shipping as your profit revenue, you don’t need this program… However, if you want to have better control of your shipping costs and make shipping a part of your profit revenue without overcharging customers, you should go for this program. It will pay for itself immediately!”
– Dave Chai, Outdoor Speaker Depot

“The Advanced Shipping Manager is a very robust tool that has allowed us to dial in our ship rates and take care of our customers. Both on the domestic and international side, the Advanced Shipping Manager is saving us money, keeping our customers happy, and ultimately increasing our bottom line.”
– Seton Clagget, Tri-Sports

“The Advanced Shipping Manager software allows us the ability to provide our customers with fast and accurate shipping rates. The software offers the flexibility of providing multiple shipping options and service levels for both domestic and international orders. The real time rate calculations allow us to combine warehouse handling fees and current ship rate calculations to provide comprehensive and accurate shipping costs.”
– Susan Barone, Always For Me

“The Advanced Shipping Manager has saved us money and reduced the time we spend resolving shipping issues. With the Yahoo! shipping manager, we had many problems with customers choosing invalid shipping methods for their orders – slowing the shipping process and confusing customers. Now with Advanced Shipping manager, customers can only choose valid shipping options. Before we implemented Advanced Shipping Manager, we were losing money on some items that were oversized – but now we can properly charge shipping for these items, and thanks to Advanced Shipping Manager, any USPS rate changes require no work from us, as everything is updated automatically.”
– Brian Rosenberg, CCG Armory

“Merchants understand the importance of working with reputable industry professionals with the knowledge and expertise to help grow and sustain the success of their brand. Advanced Shipping Manager’s team not only backs their expert knowledge with practical working solutions for your development requirements, they are also incredibly pleasant to work with and conscientious in turning problems into non-problems. Our initial problem involved our limited Yahoo! shipping manager which could not prevent customers from trying to ship items by restricted shipping methods. Therefore, we wasted a lot of time canceling or modifying orders. With the Advanced Shipping Manager (ASM) we were able to dynamically isolate available shipping methods by store items, thereby eliminating confusion for us and our customers. Considering the importance of the shipping function in maintaining a successful e-commerce store, the ability to streamline shipping rules and decrease customer confusion in the shopping cart has proven to be invaluable to our business. By assigning accurate shipping quotes by method from our carriers in real time, the ASM also took the guesswork out of calculating shipping costs. This eliminated our risk of undercharging for shipping and instills confidence to our customers that they are getting the best rates. We believe the biggest value in ASM concerns the complexity of its features and the flexibility in which they can be modified to fit the needs of your store. Unlike other companies that may advertise solutions but only deliver buggy programs that end up being more of a headache than a solution, ASM delivers – it works! When it comes to the development and programming of your Yahoo Store, there is really only one place to go.”
– De Novo Hair LLC

“The crew at Advanced Shipping Manager created a custom Advanced Shipping Manager for our Yahoo! Store that met our special needs. As an online retailer that sells perishable goods, we have some unique challenges. Dan and others came up with some creative solutions that not only worked extremely well for us on the back-end, but also developed a seamless, easy to use procedure for our customers. Throughout the entire development process, their team was professional, kept on schedule, and was easy to work with. They did an excellent job of communicating with us and were always responsive to our needs. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Advanced Shipping Manager to others and look forward to working with the crew again.”
– Marc Covitz, Teuscher USA

“The Advanced Shipping Manager ranks as one of the very best additions I have made to my Yahoo! Store. I was always very frustrated with the work-arounds I had to use to offer free shipping on UPS Ground, but also charging extra for faster shipping. Also, we ship very small to very large items, and with the Yahoo! shipping manager, we could never get accurately charge shipping to the customer. The Advanced Shipping Manager has greatly improved our bottom line and the professional look and operation of our website, by eliminating the band aids we previously had to use. The flexibility for marking up shipping is also much better than any methods provided by Yahoo!. This has helped us to recover packaging costs using a method that seamlessly adjusts for the weight of the order so as to not negatively impact our sales of small items.”
– Scott Page, Canning Pantry

“I have been a Yahoo! Store Owner since 2001 and have been very satisfied with the Yahoo! platform, except for in one area. Basically, since I ship chairs that come in larger boxes, I was taking a hit from UPS for Oversize charges. Using only the weight input available in Yahoo!, I had to put in the dimensional weight of say 30 lbs. to get a correct shipping amount. When a customer ordered 6 or more chairs, the total weight would be higher that the maximum allowed and shipping would show as zero. Thus, we had to put disclaimers on the site and contact customers to approve shipping cost. This is not the only instance of having to contact customers for approval, sometimes they would not approve or get upset that there was a shipping charge when none was given. With the Advanced Shipping Manager, I can calculate any size order going by any UPS, FedEx or USPS method real time in the shopping cart. Perhaps the greatest benefit has been drop shipping from suppliers on the west coast. We are on the east coast, so calculating cost from our zip would give low quotes on this coast and high quotes on the west. With the Advanced Shipping Manager, I can input the zip code that the item ships from and get accurate shipping quotes and help my west coast business with lower cost. In conclusion, at first I felt the cost was high, but it has allowed me to offer shipping options like free or flat rate shipping for individual items which has increased my conversion rate, making the monthly cost more than worthwhile!”
– Jim Ludwig, Everywhere Chair

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