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No Coding Required

Advanced Shipping Managers simplicity is astounding!
All of our features and settings are configured through our apps backend user interface which provides an easy was of setting up and configuring complicated shipping rules without having to write a single line of code! If you still have troubles Advanced Shipping Manager has a support team ready to help you out during regular business hours so don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert before you sign up, we are here to help!

Powerful Shipping Options all in one place!

Dropshipping from multiple warehouses? Free Shipping not working for that one product line? Do your customers frequently try to checkout with items shipping via freight and ground shipping?
With Advanced Shipping Manager all of your options and rules are generated in one place, with one app, this make setting up and editing your shipping rules and methods much easier!


offer real-time rates for all of the top shipping methods for domestic and international orders.


Mix and match shipping rules into one. Allows you to create complex shipping rules.


Offer free shipping on any item(s), and specify which shipping method(s) are to be used for free shipping.


Set a unique origin zip code for any item so that shipping is calculated from the correct origin.



The Shipping Courier Backup feature adds a level of protection to your E-Commerce Store by allowing UPS and FedEx to backup each other in the event of a server failure.


This feature allows you to set markups for items that come from dropshippers. You can even specify individual markups for each of your dropshippers. This can save valuable time, especially in instances when customers order items that are being sent from multiple dropshippers.


The Group Flat Rate Shipping feature allows you to override real-time shipping rates in your E-Commerce Store by specifying a flat shipping rate for a group of items, regardless of how many are ordered.


With the Hybrid Shipping Rates feature, you can create shipping methods that have multiple sets of shipping rates/rules mapped to them.


Quickly and easily test Shipping Rates in your E-Commerce Store with the Shopping Cart Simulator feature.


This feature allows you to set a flat fee for shipping rates that change based on the quantity ordered. Flat fee shipping rates can also be applied to groups of items.

  • The Advanced Shipping Manager is a very robust tool that has allowed us to dial in our ship rates and take care of our customers. Both on the domestic and international side, the Advanced Shipping Manager is saving us money, keeping our customers happy, and ultimately increasing our bottom line.

    Seton Clagget TriSports (Yahoo!)
  • This shipping app is the best one I have ever seen. We are able to offer shipping delivery quotes as "get it by" and we can have a lot of customizations that make our customers so happy and they make us so happy! The app developers spent a lot of time helping me learn the system and getting everything right for my store. We are flying along now - love this - you have to get it! Thank you!!!!!

    Nutrition Education Store (Shopify)
  • I am amazed!!! I had a serious back end (shipping) issue as I use multiple ship points and my largest problem was the fact that we ship LARGE box antennas and HAD to have a shipping app that would allow dimensional sizing as well as weights and for multiple services. Of course i do not even know probably a tenth of this apps capability as of yet. I have to say the support department is second to NONE. I have had the greatest experience and have to say I am not used to such fantastic support service these days. If you want the BEST, go with this company, Advanced Shipping Manager.

    SkyTronics (Shopify)
  • The customer service I received was excellent. We had quite a complicated shipping scenario and they really took the time to work it out for us instead of just saying "it's not possible." Working seamlessly with our store checkout and 3rd party shipment processing platform. Definitely recommend it!

    RMS Beauty (Shopify)
  • The Advanced Shipping Manager software allows us the ability to provide our customers with fast and accurate shipping rates. The software offers the flexibility of providing multiple shipping options and service levels for both domestic and international orders. The real time rate calculations allow us to combine warehouse handling fees and current ship rate calculations to provide comprehensive and accurate shipping costs.

    Always For Me (Yahoo!)

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